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Een kleine greep uit ons klemmenassortiment Een kleine greep uit ons klemmenassortiment
AWEJA Railsystemen BV uses world-renowned, high-grade Gantrail clamps for its rail system projects and solutions.
AWEJA also produces its own solid-steel clamps for special-purpose, heavy-duty applications.

Below you can find a selection of the Gantrail clamps in our product range.

If you cannot find a specific clamp suitable for your particular application, then please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on +31 (0)315 640047 or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Bolted Gantrail Clamps:


Horizontal force

Rail Foot Width

Compatible Railtypes
  capacity in kilo Newton Clearance  
3112/10 21kN 92mm A45, S7 t/m S24, ASCE 30 en 40
3116/10 38kN 100mm A45 t/m 65, S14 t/m 41, ASCE 60, 80 en 85         
3120/15 75kN 147mm A65 t/m 100, S33 t/m S54, MRS 87 A
3124/15 125kN 153mm A100 t/m 150, S54, MRS 67 t/m 87 B
3224/20 250kN 170mm A120, A150, MRS 86, MRS 87 A, MRS 125
3226/15 250kN 150mm A120, A150, MRS 86, MRS 87 A en B 
6124/20 125kN 149mm UIC60, 56 E 1, A100, A120, MRS 87 A
7120/10 75kN 95mm A65 t/m 100, S33 t/m 49, 56 E 1

Welded Gantrail clamps:


Horizontal force

Rail foot width

Compatible railtypes
  Capacity in kilo Newton clearance  
8119/15 120kN 166mm A100, A120, S54, MRS51 t/m 87 A
8219/20 200kN 187mm A100 t/m 150, 89kgCR, MRS 86, MRS 87 A
9116/10 40kN 118mm A45 t/m 75, S20 t/m 41, UIC54
9116/08 55kN 100mm A55 t/m A100, S30 t/m 49, 56E1, ASCE 80 en 85
9120/15 120kN 156mm A100 t/m 150, S41, S49, MRS 67 t/m MRS 125
9120/20 120kN 160mm A100 t/m 150, S41, S49, MRS 67 t/m MRS 125
9216/08 130kN 100mm A75 t/m A120, S49, S54, 56 E 1, MRS 67
9220/20 200kN 160mm A100 t/m 150, MRS 86 + 87A + 125 + 192 + 221

Aweja in short

AWEJA has been a specialist in laying and maintaining various types of rail system for high-ceiling warehousing systems, mini-load warehousing systems, crane tracks, docklands, machinery manufacturers, brickworks, foundries, etc. for over twenty-five years. We have worked and are working in Asia, America, the Middle East, Europe and Australia.


Our references

  • Additional Info
    • Klant: Coca Cola Ploiesti (RO)
    • Project: Rails hoogbouwmagazijn
    • Jaar: 2008
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