Besides a wide range of rail systems, Vignoles rail and crane track, Aweja also supplies all related products such as clips, buffers, plastic supports, base plates, catch plates, anchors and shrink free flowing grout. Our involvement in the entire process – from concept to supervision – means we are continually able to

refine our range of products and related services in line with customer-specific requirements. The fact that we combine existing components allows us to work with our customers to develop new solutions.


Supply of various types of rails from our own stock.

Rail clips

Of our own manufacture and Gantrail clips.

Rail renovation

Your partner for efficient and effective rail renovation

Rail installation

By our experienced SOS-SCC certified workforce.

22 March 2021

In order to maintain quality and strive for perfection, our welders are evaluated every six months on their box welding/head welding work in practical situations. However, every 2 years 2 official exam coffin welds have to be made which are examined and tested by an examiner and the laboratory. The result of the recent 2 yearly exam is that all 8 colleagues have obtained their certificates again, congratulations gentlemen!

28 February 2021

At the end of February we delivered the rail track in Atlanta Georgia for a large new cold storage warehouse. This involved an installation of 7 x 85m1 rail S49 with associated buffers, aisle equipment and 7 x 83m1 power rail for the pallet warehouse. We also installed another 12 x 85 power rails for a shuttle warehouse.

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