S-Rail/Vignoles Rail

S-Rail/Vignoles Rail

We can supply various types of S-rail direct from inventory or on special order.

Below you will find a selection of the most common S-rail/Vignoles rail types and their corresponding specifications. If you are looking for a specific rail section that has not been listed here, then please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on +31 (0)315 640047 or by e-mail at info@aweja.nl. We will gladly be of assistance.

RailtypeStandardH (mm)B (mm)C (mm)E (mm)

Cross-section S cm2

Weight kg/m
S18DIN 5901:1995-1193,0082,0043,0010,0023,3118,30
S18DIN 17100:198093,0082,0043,0010,0023,3118,30
S20DIN 5901:1995100,0082,0044,0010,0025,2219.80
S24PN-79/H – 93422115,00 90,0053,00 10,0031,08 24,40 
S24DIN 17100:1980115,0090,0053,0010,0023,31 24,43 
AFNOR26AM Specifikation110,00100,0050,00 10,0033,46 26,27 
S30PN-79/H -93422120,00110,0055,00 11,0038,97 30,35 
S30DIN 5901:1995108,00 108,0060,30 12,3038,97 30,03 
S30DIN 20501:1998108,00108,0060,3012,3038,97 30,03 
S31NF A 45-310125,40125,00106,0056,0012,0040,2231,57
S33 (33E1) 134,00105,0058,0011,0042,6433,47
ASCE60ASTM A1-92107,95 107,9560,3212,3037,9129,76
BS 80ABS11133,35117,4763,5013,1050,6539,76
S41-R10 (41E1) 138,00125,0067,0012,0052,5341,38
S49 (49E1) 149,00125,0067,0014,0062,9249,39

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