Pallet and Mini-Load Cranes

Pallet and Mini-Load Cranes

AWEJA Railsystemen BV has successfully completed over one thousand high-ceiling and mini-load warehouse system projects around the world. We have supplied every rail system imaginable ranging from lightweight HEA beams and aluminium rails for container and box storage systems to heavy-duty A100 crane rails and Vignoles rail for pallet handling equipment and bodywork storage systems.

This is the sector in which AWEJA Railsystemen BV grew to become a major player in the rail system marketplace in the mid 1990s. This is the sector in which we feel the most at home and where we have a wealth of expertise and experience. We are the ideal partner for new system construction, system repairs or system replacement!

Our project managers will discuss the proper assembly sequence, safety measures and planning that best match your requirements. Many factors play an important role in such projects and all these variables need to be taken into account when creating a project plan.

For further questions or a request for quote, our staff will be happy to assist you.