Polymer Supports

Polymer Supports

When designing rail systems, polymer supports are inserted between rails and bearing or base plates to reduce transmission of vibrations to neighbouring buildings and substructures.

Polymer supports are available in several types, materials and sizes. The most commonly used are EVA bearing plates – available with and without internal reinforcement. We supply EVA for use with continuous bearing plates on rolls without a lip. EVA supplied for use with base plates do however have a lip in order to keep the supports in place and is available in various sizes (see adjacent photo) depending on the rail's foot width and the size of the base plate. We also have EVA in stock for a wide range of standard rail types. If we do not have a particular size in stock, then we can place it order for delivery within two to three weeks.

Bearing plates are also available that are made from more flexible Sylodyn NE that absorbs and minimizes vibrations. We do not keep these in stock, but they can be custom manufactured on a project basis. The polymer support for your particular application should be determined based on an analysis of your specific situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment or for a quotation without obligation.

For further questions or a request for quote, our staff will be happy to assist you.